From T-shirts to Web pages, B·Ware has done it and can do it again. Here are a few samples.

B·Ware's Malone & Bailey logo

Malone & Bailey, Certified Public Accountants

Ekster & Associates, wastewater treatment automation systems

B·Ware's Ekster logo
B·Ware's Helmcamp's Used Books logo B·Ware's Helmcamp's Used Books logo
(Strictly buy the book…
B·Ware's CME logo B·Ware's Texas A&M logo
Motifs and Signs
C'est La Vie


Jake & Elmo (2 Muppets)
control- or right-click to zoom and reposition


Old Banner

The original Cleburne Times-Askew Flash banner.

Single-panel comic feature sampler.

Creative Paleontology

B·Ware's Triceratex (Dinosaur of Texas)

The Dinosaurs of Texas

Stained Glass

native Texas birds and plants
leaded copper foil stained glass, approximately 17" radii


Hummingbird with Coral Honeysuckle

Mocking Bird

Mockingbird with Pokeweed

Red Wing Blackbird

Redwinged Blackbird

Comic Strip

Publicity Graphics Gallery

designs for shirts, posters, and programs